Zoster in human - types and treatment

This problem may be familiar to many of us. Essentially herpes is a widespread disease of an infectious nature, which causes severe itching, peeling or burning of the skin. To have on my body zoster is very simple, if you had contact with infected animals or used household belongings patient zoster person. This disease is easy to pick up in the pool, gym or sauna. The first signs of illness should not cause you to have panic and fear, you just need to go to the doctor and get good advice and treatment. Any self-treatment can drive zoster only running stage.

At the moment, specialists distinguish several species of lichen, which can manifest itself in different ways. Ringworm is essentially a very contagious and dangerous. Indulge he can from person to person and covers the entire scalp. In this disease can be observed ragged pink wounds on the head, and the hair becomes very poor and weak.

Shingles in humans most commonly occurs when a weak immune system, who had recently endured chickenpox. The virus can infect nerve trunks throughout the body, making the disease is very unpleasant and painful. The next step in the progression of the disease may be the presence of the body nodular lesions.

Pityriasis versicolor is caused by viruses that are not yet known medicine. Often the lesions are chest, back, hands and shoulders of people who can be covered with brown spots and later peel off.

Pityriasis view depriving virtually no color, so it is hard to see on the body. The main symptoms of the disease are large scaly patches on the body.

In order to provide proper and timely treatment, primarily for any signs of disease, consult a doctor or dermatologist who will help you determine the type of the disease and prescribe the correct course of special treatment. The main shock stage is strengthening the immune system. The affected skin mainly treatment ointments that relieve unpleasant symptoms and kill harmful germs. After treatment, be sure to take the particle affected area to conduct a series of tests in which doctors will be able to give the final verdict regarding completely and you are healthy.

Follow the General rules of hygiene and never self-medicate. I wish you good health!

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