Zip provokes headaches and migraines

Lightning flashes can cause headaches, especially for those people who are prone to the emergence of their migraines. If lightning accompanied by thunder, the frequency of migraine attacks is increased by one third, the newspaper The Daily Mail. One means that people suffering from migraines should monitor the weather forecast.

Professor Vincent Martin from the University of Cincinnati commented on the situation. According to him, the causes of headaches during lightning can be different: negative charge, ozone, electromagnetic waves. As a result, the growth of headaches increased by 31 percent, and migraine - 28 percent. If the calculation takes into account also other factors associated with weather, the average ratio is 19 percent.

In addition, the expression of headaches and migraines, which first occur in humans, increased by 24 percent and 23 percent, respectively. The opinion of Professor is based on the analysis of daily log entries volunteers. On the initiative of Professor participants of the experiment were the logs for 6 months.

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They recorded every case of occurrence of lightning within a radius of 40 miles from the house where they lived. The logs were marked also the polarity of the current and its magnitude. Thanks to mathematical models, scientists were able to understand what causes headaches: the lightning or other weather conditions.

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