Zinc against autism?

Japanese researchers have found zinc deficiency in almost half of the hair samples from autistic 2000 children. Team research laboratory in Tokyo believes that autism causes zinc deficiency. The lack of this substance during development may contribute to the manifestation of the disease.

While the scientist light consider such hasty conclusions, because there was no comparison of the number of children with zinc deficiency among normal children. Without this information, such high-profile withdrawal of European scholars seem unfounded.

In addition it is not clear that does zinc deficiency autism or the lack of it is one of the accompanying symptoms of autism, including diet deviations. Many children with autism consume a limited range of products, others often chew on inedible objects, so the content analysis of the level of any substance in the body, it is difficult to make a representative.

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However, Japanese scientists believe that based on the findings it is possible to devise methods to prevent the development of autism in children.

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