Youth Sochi spoiled drug

About a hundred and fifty pupils and students scored positive test result for drugs. This amount is almost one percent of all sixteen thousand students who passed this test, starting from September of the previous year, according to the site with reference to the official statement by the Deputy head of Sochi Irina Romanets at the meeting of the anti-drug Commission dated 4 April 2012.

Irina Romanets noted that a critical situation, usually seen in those students who are older than twenty years. This confirms the fact that every week in the city hospital at number four with drug overdose get up to three people at this age. This is without doubt a very important problem of society.

It should be noted that in Sochi has a "hot line" of the police, calling to which city residents can tell the law about the facts of distribution, or drug use. Since January of this year, the hotline received already sixty-five calls, the information was confirmed by fourteen of them.

The cost of drugs in the Olympic capital in 2014 in two and a half times higher than rates across Krasnodar Krai and four times - in region of Russia, according to the online newspaper Sochi-24 March 2011. Under the comparison of hit rates for marijuana, heroin and drugs are notorious amphetamine group. Official data FDCS show that in 2011 Sochi for a hundred thousand people of the city had two hundred and ten drug addicts.

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