Youth sends an SMS in a dream

The abundance of stress, combined with an abundance of electronic gadgets can lead to the emergence of a new phenomenon - SMS during sleep.

If you leave the phone near the bed, in the morning you may find that wrote the message, not remember. This phenomenon is referred to as sleep texting-SMS in a dream".

Psychologist Seema Hingorani says: "People are prone to stress and are sending many messages throughout the day, continue to do it at night, not even aware of their actions".

It is not yet a General trend, but experts do not exclude the epidemic of this kind possible.

Ex-President of the Bombay psychiatric society Quercy, Chavda says:

"People Wake up in the night to write SMS, check your phone, email or updates on social networks and microblogging sites, but do it in a soporific state. "

Experts agree that since smartphones are causing some people have addictive SMS in the dream is becoming a more common phenomenon. People are not willing to ignore the calls of their smartphones - often they check their phones even in the most intimate moments, says Chavda.

If you suspect yourself that could send messages in a dream, oesophagitis from unpleasant surprises:

- Remove the phone from your bedroom. - Recognize that your body needs six to eight hours of sleep. - Try to "off" from work, when you come home. - Do not leave your phone in vibrate mode, because it is very distracting and will certainly Wake you up.

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