Your partner after sexual relations immediately falls asleep?

Psychologists from Albright College and the University of Michigan (USA) was established: the fact that if after sexual intercourse the man quickly falls asleep, then it suggests that it is associated with the strongest affection and full of desire as quickly as possible to establish a close relationship with his partner, says the Agency, The Times of India.

According to the author of this survey of Daniela Kruger, together with colleagues he specially studied the behavior 456-five volunteers who participated in an online survey, which was conducted anonymously. The survey consisted of the following questions - what people had thought about the fact that the partner almost immediately fell asleep; who fell asleep immediately after sex and what partners quickly fell asleep, in the case when there was no intimacy.

As it turned out, the volunteers, whose partner was asleep immediately after sex, I felt a much greater desire to hold in his arms of a partner or just chat. By the way, thanks to the study was refuted opinion that men are after sex quickly fall asleep. But women, on the contrary, indeed, many times faster asleep, in the case when the intimacy was lacking.

It is quite possible that men sometimes longer fall asleep, due to the fact that they must be sure that the partner will not be sent to another male (apparently, this is genetically very nature). Or men do not leave their attempts still to persuade your partner to have sex.

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