Your child homebody? Reason TV

Researchers from the University of Oregon (USA) confirmed what everyone already know the TV for young children is extremely harmful. According to the results of statistical surveys, researchers found that the average child in America in the age group of seven years, about five hours a day spends in front of a computer monitor or TV screen. To accuse data communication devices completely useless, here the main factor is the parents who allow a child to spend so much time in front of the screen.

The factor of early development and education of the child is crucial throughout his later life, habits and preferences. So, if children who are in day four hours and more carry out of the house, sitting near the TV, have a tendency to tomasello, with enormous effort anywhere is selected. These children suffer from obesity are many times more often than those who most of his free time outdoors or sports grounds. This "domosedkoy" behavior is determining his future lifestyle.

Basically, this way of life are two parenting style - parent or connivance of, not prohibiting child almost day and night to watch live TV on the pretext that the baby is quiet and behaves quietly, or severity, to the point of excess, causing an increase in the number of punitive measures for the child in the form of so-called "house arrest".

The amount held in front of the television hours on weekends increases in this case about one hour. Leading specialist research Dr. Brady says: "Similar "domeny" lifestyle contrary at the root of the whole of nature and natural development of the child.

For this reason, you need to enter the control over how the child behaves in the day, preferring not sedentary games near the TV, and exploring, puzzle solving, socializing with peers. When the child came time to go to school, its level of mobility is even lower due to the hours spent in school, and because the student also should be limited in viewing television. The optimum amount of time a child can spend in front of a TV is a half hour or, at least, an hour."

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