Your character will throw the photo on the avatar

If a person puts on avatar someone else's photo on his page in social networks, this is a sign of hidden psychological complexes, say researchers from the University of Sheffield. The researchers interviewed more than five thousand users of social networks. The participants were not divided by gender, age, nationality and social status.

Scientists have found that almost every second woman, presenting someone else's photo on avatar, suffer from excessive weight, 40% of women with someone else's avatar consider themselves unattractive, and 10% female nicks - in reality turned out to be men.

When it comes to men with other people's images on the main page, and it turned out that 95% of the representatives of the stronger sex, putting on avatar machine, really complex because of low financial status, and stopping as the main photo cute animal, man gives his psychological injuries received in childhood (69%).

If cute little animals, type fluffy cat, avatar puts the girl in 35% this means that she suffers from a child's psychological trauma. Often romantic photos and images testify to the difficult situation in your personal life in reality.

And if people put as their pictures in social networks photo famous people or characters in the film, he internally sexually liberated, but pathologically modest in reality.

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