Your blood can help you look younger

For centuries suck the blood was the prerogative of the vampires, and now medical science offers "Dracula therapy" is a good way to fight aging. Tubes with own blood is enough to get rid of wrinkles, as the doctors say.

"Dracula therapy, as the name implies, this is a therapy which is based on blood. We learn about 15-20 ml (one vial) of blood from the body, and after treatment with growth hormones in the laboratory, the blood vipyskaetsia in the face of a man ", says Bath, senior consultant and head of Department of plastic and cosmetic surgery in BLK in its press release.

Platelet-rich plasma (blood component) is extracted from the blood, and then treated with drugs to stimulate growth factor in it. Fresh solution is then injected into the face using a micro-needle after applying a local anesthetic.

"The concept that your own blood with the addition of growth hormone will help to stimulate the growth of fresh cells, DNA repair, heal scars and get rid of wrinkles without any chemicals or surgery. And all this for only three treatments without the need of hospitalization, " said Bath.

In addition, non-invasive technique also reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, as the body gets back his own blood.

"Because in India there is no strict norms of licensing cosmetology clinics, equipment will likely be used for commercial purposes in the near future. And those who are over 18 will be able to check its effect on me.

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