Young women have become more relaxed attitude toward abortion

Scientists from the UK study found that modern women are more tolerant towards abortion. Researchers conducted a survey among women of different ages. In the group, the average age of participants which was 60 years, only 9 percent of women abortion has been made. Scientists determine the fact that in the days of their youth abortions were prohibited.

With regards to the age group of 30-55 years, the abortion of her participants was made in 22 percent of cases, while in the group, the members of which were 20-29 years, this figure was 23 percent. Meanwhile, among women aged 40-49 years, 64 percent of respondents regretted that interrupted the development of the fetus in an artificial way. Among women aged 20 years is nothing wrong with abortion don't see 67 percent.

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According to the author of the study Professor Andrew Ferguson, many young women consider abortion as one of the forms of contraception.

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