Young people take care of themselves no less girls

Scientists are convinced that today's young people look after themselves no less than women. 30% of young people have resorted to artificial vomiting during overeating. This method is gaining momentum, writes The Daily Mail.

Scientists have even identified a specific term. His name is manorexia. This concept includes male anorexia. Often this is caused by nervous system disorders and bulimia.

It is worth noting that men are increasingly patients about eating disorders. At the moment the indicator is at the level of ten percent of the total number of patients in specialized clinics.

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The data were confirmed after conducting a survey of more than five thousand male adolescents. It turns out that the majority experienced a moment of dissatisfaction with their appearance and physical form. About eight percent of adolescents aged 16-22 years have experienced problems, which led to different behavior and psyche. Scientists believe that this issue deserves some attention, and it is necessary to take measures for its solution.

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