Increasingly, relatively young people go to doctors with complaints typical of the elderly. According to reports, in recent years the number of young patients with varicose veins, back pain, hemorrhoids, joint problems became much more. The main reason for the phenomenon lies in the sedentary lifestyle, the researchers said.

Arthroscopy of the knee in the 21st century has become one of the most common operations in the group of people aged 36 to 45 years. This group is quite often needed in spinal anesthesia for pain in the back. All this senile illnesses, however, in recent years, similar problems have begun to encounter very young people 16-26 years, writes The Daily Mail.

The fact of the excessive interest in modern technology, the researchers said. The human body is not adapted to long hours in a seated position. However, the work does not relax and give complete rest back. As a result, the level of health of young people approaching the elderly.

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