Young mothers often give birth to children with low IQ

Pregnancy is an important phase in every woman's life. Scientists are constantly arguing about the ideal age for conception of the first child, citing various reasons. The most common opinion is that a woman should give birth to 35 years, as next up is the rapid accumulation of genetic mutations that can be inherited. However, recently it was found that early pregnancy can lead to birth of a child with low intelligence.

In the risk group includes children born to mothers aged 16 to 22 years. Young mothers are more likely to experience symptoms of depression, which increases the percentage of newborns who have in the future possible problems with memory and learning.

A study by British scientists touched 176 families and lasted for 11 years. Published results suggest that children born to teen mothers and women under 22 years of age are more likely to have below average IQ. Scientists say that it is necessary to provide help and support to pregnant women: as a family, and medical.

The main reason for the decline in IQ in children is antenatal depression of the mother, which provokes changes in the brain of the fetus. With this kind of depression often experienced by young mothers, which causes an increased percentage of children who in the future may be reduced intelligence.

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Doctors say that in addition to age and depression there are many factors that affect the fetus. You need to plan the conception of a child, to visit the antenatal clinic during pregnancy and to monitor the health of your baby. With this support, the chances grow smart a child is much higher, despite the age of the mother.

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