A group of young professionals has received the award of the Moscow Government in the category "Biology". Scientists will help to develop new treatment regimens for cancer.

Now the researchers are experienced in the elucidation of mechanisms of premature aging of cells and the formation of cancer cells. The problem is studied at the gene level and requires huge financial and intellectual cost. Support to young professionals by colleagues at the Institute of gene biology, Russian Academy of Sciences Artem Velichko and Omar Quantize. Great contribution was made by Svetlana Doronenkova (MSU Lomonosov Moscow state University).

Now, scientists are studying the defense responses of cells to stress factors of different nature. Researchers are particularly interested in how the DNA is recovered after damage. It is a proven fact from thousands of thread breaks, only a few may end with a mutation, the other cell is successfully repaired. The experience gained will be used in the development of new cancer treatments.

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