Young at heart people are living longer - the scientists

People who feel younger than they really are, live longer due to their own optimism. To such conclusion scientists from University College in London.

Mortality is reduced by 41 %, if the person feels young at heart. It turns out that the psychological approach is able to trick the body's internal clock and prolong life.

Scientists conducted the study and for 8 years was observed for older people over the age of 52 years. 6000 volunteers were divided into 3 groups. In the first group were the people who feel younger than written in the passport, in the second group of volunteers whose age in the passport and internal age coincided. In the third group of scientists took people who feel older than his years.

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For eight years in the first group died 14%. In the third 25%. Scientists suggest that pessimism is one of the indicators of the presence of the disease in the body. If you look, you can see a clear link between psychology and health. The phenomenon has long studied and even got its name - psychosomatics.

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