You cannot brush your teeth after eating

Dentists have come to the conclusion that brushing your teeth for 30 minutes after eating causes them harm, and bring not one bit of good. In the mouth, along with some other products supplied acid, which can destroy tooth enamel. Especially fast this habit of "immediate cleaning" will lead to the deterioration and destruction of the teeth if you brush your teeth after coffee or glass of soda.

Toothbrush in such cases only helps the acid to destroy tooth enamel and harder to get into it. In fact, after eating she just push the acid deeper, speeding up the decomposition process of the enamel.

"Cisco teeth immediately after eating speeds up the decomposition process of enamel and very quickly spoils the teeth," explains Dr. Howard gamble, who is President of the Academy of General dentistry.

Brushing your teeth in the opinion of the experts is not less than 30 minutes after eating, and after an hour. Generally brush your teeth soon after each meal - harmful, it erases the enamel of the teeth and pushes the acid in the structure of dental coverage. As we have consulted a dentist, it is best to brush your teeth in the morning and before going to sleep immediately, but after a few hours after dinner. If after eating you definitely will want to clean the mouth, it is better to use a mouthwash.

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