You can lose weight without giving up food

In order to lose weight, you just need to eat less of foods containing fats. This conclusion was made by scientists headed by Lee Hooper from the University of East Anglia. They studied 43 study, which was attended by over 75,000 people. None of the participants did not set a goal to lose weight, but the pounds were melting when they reduced the consumption of fat.

The study involved volunteers from industrialized countries. In their diet in research is significantly reduced intake of fats. The control group ate in the old way, or passed on more useful diet for health. The experiment participants were required to follow a specified diet not less than six months.

Research participants in some cases it was necessary to eat fat-free foods, and the other is to limit the daily intake of fat to 7%.

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Studies have shown similar results. Participants who switch to a diet low in fat, have significantly reduced their weight, compared to control groups. According to scientists, they have not had to get such a clear result. Participants reduced the average weight of 1.6 kg, This figure is not so big, but it's good progress, because the result was the large number of people. This indicator contributes 3% to reduce the number of deaths from obesity and to reduce the number of diabetic patients.

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