Yogurt will not help to lose weight

The prevailing belief that eating low-fat dairy products promotes rapid weight loss, while checking proved wrong. This kind of products only helps to maintain the already achieved results.

Nutritionist Frank Hu argues that the much-vaunted benefits of fermented milk products with weight loss, too exaggerated ordinary townsfolk. And this is proved by many years of research, fact, and facts will not argue.

A group of nutritionists, under the direction of Dr. F. Hu reviewed the two thousand people who were sitting on different diets. The only thing he said with confidence is that low-fat dairy products are very useful for health. And their daily consumption is very necessary for human organism.

The results of the research showed that those who regularly drank milk products, "lost" for a month just to 0.14 pounds more than those who sat on the other diets. Scientists believe that this figure is valid static error.

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According to Frank Hu, it would be logical that if fat-free yogoreta helped to lose weight. But to prove that dairy products will help in the fight against excess weight, but nobody has managed

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