Yogurt doesn't help children with constipation

Yogurt with "good" bacteria does not help with chronic constipation in children. This is the conclusion of scientists who conducted the clinical study.

The study used the yogurt Activia", the goal was to help children stoically suffering from chronic constipation to restore bowel function.

"Activia" yogurt and other dairy products contain strains of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics bifidus and Lactobacillus, which was considered to help regulate motor function of the intestine in children and adults. Previously, in studies revealed positive effects for chronic constipation in adults.

However, in new research on children, the researchers found that the probiotic yogurt had no advantage over conventional dairy products, not obogashenie cultures of bacteria, in the indulgence of the chair.

More than three weeks, the children who received probiotic yogurt, it did not increase the number of defecations per week, the researchers noted only the increase in the mass of faces, the same results were observed in the comparison group, using conventional dairy products.

It is not clear why in both groups, improvements to the same extent.

"But, based on the findings, yogurt with probiotic cannot be recommended for constipation in children. There is no sufficient evidence about the positive effects of probiotics in the treatment of constipation in children", - said lead researcher Dr. Tabbers .

This study published in the journal "Pediatrics", was funded by the Paris office of the company "Danone", which produces "Activia".

Conclusions based on observation of 159 children, whose average age was 7 years, and not less than two months suffered from constipation. They were randomized into two groups: the first group received probiotic yoghurts, second - milk products every day for at least three weeks.

In General, in many cases, constipation in children, the chair deliberately "withheld". This is the leading difference between constipation in children and in adults. The only way to explain the different results in children and adults are eating probiotic yogurt.

The first step in easing chronic constipation in children should be learning their habit of "walking" in the toilet, and changing the power - adding foods rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables. If this does not help, the doctor may prescribe laxatives.

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Scientists believe that if parents want to use probiotic - they can do it, but if there is no improvement within a few weeks, they should contact a specialist.

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