Yoga will prevent dementia

Taiwan Department of health conducted a study in nursing homes on the impact of yoga on psychological and physical condition of older people with dementia (dementia).

The study involved 68 people aged 60 years and older with a diagnosis of mild and moderate dementia. The experimental group of elders, three months, three times a week for 55 minutes intensively practiced yoga.

Experts observed the dynamics of the physical and mental performance: the state of the cardiovascular system, flexibility of joints, muscle strength, endurance, was assessed by the scale for the severity of dementia.

Evaluation results showed that the prepared yoga elders were in better mental and physical health than those who did not participate in the experiment. Experts noted that members of the experimental group normalized blood pressure, reduced the symptoms of cardiac and respiratory failure, increased flexibility of the body, physical endurance, and most importantly - improved memory, attention, psycho-emotional state.

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The obtained results allowed the Department of health has included yoga in a regular program of rehabilitation of older people.

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