Yoga saves from sociophobia - scientists

Scientists from Queen's University have proved that yoga and other relaxation exercises can help people with anxiety disorders. Relaxation changes the perception of the world is the man who stands before them in a positive light. Such a positive effect did not expect even the experts, writes The Times of India.

An experiment was conducted. The volunteers looked at the picture of the person on the screen. This figure is ambiguous and is designed specifically for psychological tests: some people think that a person stands to face him, others feel that he turned away. Sociophobe most frequently claimed that the figure moving towards them.

After conducting several sessions of muscle relaxation, the results of the test have changed in a positive way - volunteers with anxiety disorder felt that the person on the screen is rotated to face the room. This sign speaks of the openness of the individual and readiness for new contacts with other people.

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Note, previously, scientists have proved that yoga eases symptoms of depression and sets you in a positive way by raising the level of GABA.

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