Yoga has a positive effect on patients with certain mental disorders

Browse more than 16 studies confirmed the fact that yoga may be helpful to people suffering from certain mental disorders. Thus, performing yoga exercises, people can get rid of depression and insomnia without the use of any medication. A positive impact of yoga on patients suffering from schizophrenia, and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, in the treatment process which is also used drugs.

As it turned out, yoga does not bring any benefit to the people who have found eating disorders or cognitive functions. Its impact yoga is more like the effect on human antidepressant medication or psychotherapy, which, like yoga, affect the process of chemical reactions in the brain, and in addition, reduce the level of inflammatory processes in the body. To this opinion reached by scientists from Duke University. It should be noted that in their research involved patients suffering from depression in the form of light.

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The results are not 100% because the yoga classes were held in groups, and it is not clear what caused the improvement in the condition of the people: yoga or social interaction. In any case, one study found that yoga helped 69 people with mild depression: for the six months, it has reduced their level manifestations of the disease by 40 percent. And in another study, which involved patients with sleep disorders, yoga helped them 7 weeks to get rid of insomnia and again to fall asleep without using sleeping pills.

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