Yoga for pregnant women

A great opportunity to spend time carrying the baby in a good mood and body health, and childbirth to turn into a painless and easy process is the performance of yoga exercises for pregnant women.

During pregnancy a woman almost ceases to take care of himself and thinks only about the health of the unborn child, forgetting that it is directly linked to good health. Because moderate exercise shows the woman, of course, if there are no complications of pregnancy.

The benefits of yoga

• the spine supple and strong;

• strengthens the muscles of the pelvis;

• improves joint mobility;

• in the first trimester pregnant do not disturb signs of toxicity;

• calms the nervous system, takes the anxiety and fear of childbirth and for the life of the child;

• eliminates edema, varicose veins, other congestion in the body;

• yoga for pregnant together with breathing exercises help to easily proceed pregnancy, and properly prepare the body and the woman to the process of childbirth.


• miscarriages during the previous pregnancies;

• threat and not gestation;

• strong toxicosis;

• polyhydramnios;

• bleeding of any nature;

• problems with the cardiovascular system of women;

• diseases in which the load is contraindicated;

• pregnancy in the last period.

If a woman practiced yoga before pregnancy, it is able to perform its usual exercises. But, for beginners, it is better to engage in special groups under the supervision of a specialist.

For each trimester of pregnancy there is a separately developed a set of exercises, but first the woman should get permission of an attending physician. Additionally, in the days of the expected menstrual period, which is important for the first trimester, any physical exercise is not recommended. During class are only those asanas that bring discomfort.

Features lessons for each of the trimesters of pregnancy:

• In the first trimester it is possible to exercise in any position: sitting, standing, lying down. But, on the third month are excluded poses on his stomach.

• In the second trimester are prohibited inverted poses, any pressure on the abdomen, deep slopes. Almost all the exercises in a sitting position with diluted legs that strengthens ligaments of the pelvis.

• Third trimester - this asana standing at the supports or lying on your side with the mandatory use of an assistant to support and insurance.

Classes at any stage of pregnancy include breathing exercises that prepare future moms for the upcoming birth.

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