Yoga classes three times better Hiking

A group of scientists from Norway under the direction of Professor Fahri Saatcioglu from the University of Oslo found that yoga practice improves the immune system, pass on the

According to one of the researchers, their research work found that yoga improves the function of the organism at the molecular level. The effect occurs immediately after yoga and is rather long-term nature.

For a more detailed study of the impact of meditation on the human body, scientists conducted an experiment, which was attended by 10 people. Each of the volunteers first 2 days from the beginning of the experiment had yoga 6.30 at 8.30 am. Next 2 days the participants walked for two hours in nature, while listening to music (classical or jazz). Before and after each session, the volunteers took the blood for analysis of mononuclear cells. The experts found that genetic changes in both cases were not the same. After the volunteers practiced yoga, the number of genes that are responsible for immunity, was three times more than walking: (111 and 38, respectively).

Scientists in the past have suggested that relaxation exercises affect genes, but they never could think that the effect is so fast.

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