Wrong diagnosis could cost the girl life

After a ten-year old girl Anya Ryzhak complained to his mother on continual headache and sometimes pain in the body, her mother had to walk in search of the causes of the disease girls to the best of nevropatologii country. After numerous tests, MRI, blood test different antibodies, lumbar puncture, electroencephalography Ukrainian doctors were able to "reduce" the list of suspected disease to epilepsy, cysts in the brain, encephalopathy, and encephalomyelitis. So the girl was five sessions of plasmapheresis, semi medications for epilepsy treatment caused a decrease in the level of calcium in the blood, blood loss and significantly disrupted the immune system. Fatigue and severe pain Anya has not passed, the girl continued to suffer. When all courses of treatment did not effect the doctors warned the mother that her daughter be in a critical condition and may die.

Mother had to turn to foreign doctors for help, then they daughter went to Israel in the clinic at Sheba. Local experts have found Anya healthy child, causing serious distrust of the mother within six months the doctors at home expected her to almost death of her daughter.

The answer to the question, what was the cause of ailments girls were easy. After one of the visits to the dentist in the cavity of one of the teeth was left a piece of arsenic, resulting in inflammation, pain, weakness and temperature. After removal of pus from the mouth of the arsenic was removed completely, and Anya was getting worse and worse, bad teeth Ukrainian doctors were not considered as a serious risk factor.

Purulent formation in the gums girls were removed under General anesthesia, I had to remove five teeth. The girl already feels better, but after six months she will have to undergo a MRI scan. Be late mother by contacting the clinic and the doctors diagnosis, the girl already would have developed sepsis, which in one third of cases leads to death.

Source http://www.sheba-hospital.org.il/ presscenter hospital. Chaim Sheba

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