Wrinkles and ways of dealing with them

Wrinkles have always been and will be a cause for frustration for both women and men. They remind us of the age. Stop age-related changes is not known even by God, but a bit to slow down the process of national and cosmetics - it is possible!

Wrinkles is something feared by all people. Usually, the first wrinkles appear somewhere around 25 years, in the upper third of the face. Already by 25 - 30 years, begins a natural, biological process of aging - it becomes less elastic and soft. Wrinkles are of two types: superficial and deep. The first readily treatable, but the second is much more complex - they are almost not respond to treatment.

Laughter, tears, stress, joy, grief, poor nutrition, exposure to cosmetics, weather conditions - all this and many other things, affects the skin, and over the years, only more pronounced. The skin in the eye area is one of the most subtle and delicate, for this reason there, and wrinkles. To win, the first thing we will do is throw out the sunglasses (they accelerate their appearance).

In order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles care for skin is moisturize, massage and conservate. To fight wrinkles around the eyes is very effective to make different masks, especially from natural plant oils and aloe.

Vegetable oil will provide the skin with all the nutrients will moisturize and smoothen it. Beauticians especially recommend apricot, almond, peach and olive oil. Just take a little oil and apply on desired areas of the skin.

To prepare the mask of crimson, you need to break the most fresh and fleshy leaf, squeeze the juice out of it and apply to dry skin. such procedures are best done every evening before bedtime and leave on overnight.

For the appearance of facial wrinkles certain age does not exist, they can appear at any time. To get rid of them - feed your skin nutrients, vitamins, and different masks. When facial wrinkles, effective cucumber mask, it refreshes and makes the skin more taut. It is recommended to do every day and leave on for 10 - 15 minutes.

Wrinkles around the mouth inevitable. Today completely removed from the face beauty clinic using laser polishing, but it's not cheap. So use different cream from wrinkles directional, they can always be bought in pharmacies. Very effective exercises and facial massage. In order to strengthen and consolidate the effect, do alongside the regular milk mask, such as cottage cheese.

You should pay special attention to the neck. To remove wrinkles there can be only if they are not very deep. In another case, you can only try to make them less noticeable. Will help you with this - contrasting compresses: every two minutes wrap neck wet cold, and then hot towel. Will not be superfluous and daily, easy warm-up neck.

And finally, I want to remind you that the Skin without wrinkles - a luxury that everyone can afford. Everything is in your hands - go for it!

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