Wounds heal through sweat glands

In the journal the American Journal of Pathology published an article about the presence of sweat glands of human stem cells necessary for wound healing.

Prior to that, he argued that for the formation of new skin cells required for tissue regeneration in areas of damage responsible hair follicles located on the undamaged areas.

But researchers from the University of Michigan have found that the healing of wounds contribute to adult stem cells. And formed these cells from exocrine, that is located directly in the skin, sweat glands.

Such glands have only primates. In humans they are at the maximum number of up to several million. The most common species of animals used in laboratory experiments, they have not. This explains the absence of assumptions about this theory before.

According to study leader Laura Ritty, they were able to establish the presence of human skin unique ability to regenerate, which have no other mammals. In our body is one of the most significant secrets was the regenerative potential of human sweat glands.

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