Worst job after 40 years of harm to the psyche

Scientists from the Ohio state University tried to understand how hated the work affects people's health. In total the survey was attended by about 6.5 thousand people aged 25-39 years.

Volunteers were asked to rate the degree of satisfaction with their work. It turned out that 45% go to work without pleasure. Another 23% of respondents initially liked the job, and then they become boring. Only 15% were completely satisfied with their activity, 17% were getting used to her with time.

Interestingly, the psychological well-being unloved work strongly influenced a group of people older than 40 years. If the person before this age and could not accept the position, the chance of the emergence of mental health problems increases slightly. If up to 40 years to love their jobs possible, then such a phenomenon is not observed.

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