World through the eyes of autism

More and more people will learn about the mysterious condition that affects every hundredth of a child.

The seventeen-year-old Carly Fleishman autism (severe) was diagnosed at the age of two. For the first time she was able to speak in 10 years in a rather unusual way - complained of toothache by typed on the computer keyboard text.

Since then she has dedicated her life to educating people worldwide about the problem of autism, debunking the myths associated with the disease. In the book Carly about overcoming autism, co-written with his father, a young girl tells about the surrounding world through the eyes of autism.

Now, thanks to the web project "Café Carly" everyone can see and better understand how even the most ordinary visiting cafes dampens person, the nature of the disease which is associated with difficulties in social interaction.

Online cafe allows the user to navigate through the virtual café with five angles and to feel a degree of discomfort experienced by the person with autism in areas with large concentrations of people.

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