A group of researchers of Australia proved that Internet use at home increases productivity. As a confirmation of his words the researchers cite the results of research with participation of employees of call centers of China.

When applying for such a vacancy and the person usually have the choice to operate in the mode of freelancing (at home) or receive calls in the office. According to the findings, workers at home process calls for 15% more active and less likely to leave their workplace. Still freelancing contributes to the preservation of physical strength, after all, not every day you need to spend time to get to the office.

Especially rejoice in the opportunity to work from home women. During the lunch break to do household chores or socialise with the child. Men also like to work in the office space.

It should be noted that the ability to work remotely is now considered by many companies. In some countries this trend was widespread. In Australia, for example, working at home can every third inhabitant of the country. Such vacancies in the labour market is sufficient.

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