Work more enjoyable makes correspondence with friends and music

"The quality of work can greatly suffer if you deal with several cases. But such multi-tasking our health improves," says Zhen Wang from the University of Ohio (USA). This fact was proved by the experiment conducted with 19 students who were preparing for the exam, and at the same time, listened to music and corresponded with friends.

On the basis of another study it was proved the following: distracted on similar things in the main persons in the age group of 34 years. What belongs to the students, they were given device, with which for four weeks they had three times a day to announce that they are currently doing. Also they ought to tell why they did it, and what was the motive, the Agency WebMD.

Scientists, therefore, hoped to find out what the needs were satisfied students (mental, emotional, social, or it was a matter of habit). As it turned out, that the habit of listening to music and correspond fully satisfy the emotional need and habit. In other words, the person better not worked, and was only just more emotionally satisfied with the work because it did not seem routine, dull and heavy.

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