Work longer than 8 hours to stroke

The duration of the working day must not exceed 8 hours. Overtime in excess of this time, 80% increases the risk of developing heart disease. This conclusion was made by Finnish scientists examined data 22 of thousands of research participants.

Experts from the Finnish Institute of occupational health, headed by Dr. Marianna Virtanen, map information 12 long-term studies, of which the oldest dates back to the year 1958. It was found that people who work more than 8 hours per day, 40 to 80% greater risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. The main reasons that researchers attribute the high level of stress, a large amount of time spent without exercise and active movements, as well as poor nutrition. Finnish scientists have concluded that the degree of harm to health, which brings man workaholism, approximately equal to the damage caused by chronic Smoking, says The Daily Mail.

Previously, researchers at the Finnish Institute of occupational health has already been stated that the work in excess of the standard 40 hours per week leads to dementia in adulthood.

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