Work increases the propensity for alcohol consumption, Smoking and poor eating habits

About 40% of the respondents confessed that could affect their health in the last five years. Increased stress levels and processing in some cases caused some people to bad habits (alcohol, cigarettes), and improper nutrition. Almost a third of people because of the work I gained weight, writes The Daily Mail.

Lack of time among the 43% of respondents did not allow them to do sports. A quarter of respondents due to stress at work has started to drink more alcohol than before. 10% began to smoke more. With all the efforts that are accepted by the organizations for the protection of human rights, 60% of employees work very long hours and do not get paid for these hours of money. One in five people, according to the survey, worked overtime for more than five hours per week, which can be equated to one additional work day without pay.

A third of workers feared the development of hypertension on the background of overtime, and 21% of heart attack and other diseases of the blood vessels. Researchers pay attention to the problem, we advise you to choose your work forces and not to forget about their own health. Time for yourself, you can always find. Everything else is often nothing more than excuses.

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