Work in winter leads to mental disorders, scientists believe

Winter is a special period in the life of a working person. We go out of the house when it is dark, and returned under the cover of dusk. This mode, doctors note, cannot lead to anything good and serious abnormalities in the nervous system. Man needs sunlight, because without it develops depression, constant fatigue and apathy, writes The Daily Mail.

Researchers conducted the survey. It turned out that 30% of the daily rise in the winter months when it is dark and come home in the dark. Half of this group are concerned about the lack of sources of natural light. Every tenth complained about the lack of any source of natural light in the workplace.

Dr. Laura Davidson believes that it is necessary to install additional sources of light in the offices. The contrast between the light from the computer and total darkness in the room will affect the vision.

In addition, have the most severe winter day. It was the third Monday of January. Usually this day is the shortest, the weather is not very pleasant, often remain debts from last year, and motivation after the new year holidays falls.

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