Work in the sun leads to skin cancer

Scientists from the Institute for medical research Harry Perkins and the University of Western Australia has shown that in a special risk group for skin cancer are farmers, builders and dealers. It's all in a large amount of reflected solar radiation. Previously it was thought that most skin cancer suffer lovers tanning and sunbathing.

In fact, everything was a little different. In the first place the people on the sun. The men spend almost a mirror surface for 5-8 hours. According to a study, most workers use special tools, not to burn, but they only protect against certain spectrum of solar radiation. In fact, only one in ten was protected from the sun as it should be.

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Scientists have attributed to the risk group of men with low social status. Doctors say: a special danger is not the sun itself, and the reflected rays. This applies to roofs, reservoirs, glass and Windows in the car.

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