Work in excess leads to health problems - scientists

Insurance company AXA PPP surveyed. According to the results, half of all adults, organized on a permanent job, regular process for at least four hours per week. Every third Respondent recycles more than seven hours, The Daily Mail reports. More than half of the respondents do not receive money for recycling, every fifth person has a shortened lunch break (30 minutes), and 12% do not have it at all.

One-third of the workers had regularly to sacrifice family relationships, or meeting friends for overtime. Every fifth of respondents missed important moments of their own child because of the extra hours at work. More than half of the employees continue to work at home, even after sending your child to sleep.

A quarter of respondents specialists found signs of depression, stress or anxiety. About half said that in the current situation, with such a regime is nothing can be done, and the holidays are still far away.

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The study once again emphasizes the importance of standardized labor graphics. Processing "squeeze" of the person and reduce its efficiency, lead to fatigue. Doctors and scientists believe that the employer should care about the health of their subordinates not only on paper but in action.

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