Work first, play later. The balance of work and leisure in family pairs

Scientists from the University of southern Claifornia decided to help couples in which both spouses work full time, and find the best option of combining work and leisure for them.

In the study, scientists took part 30 families with at least one child in the family, age of the spouses does not exceed 41 years. In families participating in the experiment both spouses worked full-time, all their actions in the house was recorded every ten minutes.

Developing a scheme of employment of women, scientists have compiled a list of the Affairs of women after work, in descending order of time : housework, communication, recreation. The same list was compiled for men: active recreation, companionship, housework. Simply put, at home women work more hours, and men more rest. According to scientists who spend more time in household work spouse in the evening has a higher level of cortisol and as a consequence slowly recovers his strength. Cortisol - the stress hormone, it helps our body to respond to the daily stress of mental tasks, physical difficulties, in the evening its level in the blood should be reduced so that we could fully relax.

If you are in a constant state of stress, the cortisol levels will not decrease in the evening, you will not be able to fully relax, which can lead to mental and physical disorders.

Eventually scientists resulted in only one justification for the simple truth that this family is caring about each other and a fair distribution of responsibilities. Unfortunately, the mentality of people in the post-Soviet space often involves a "double shift" for women. Working women still consider it their duty to keep the household even at full employment, we can only hope that eventually our mentality will change.

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