Women's makeup during training reduces their effectiveness

Many women around the world can not imagine my life without the use of makeup. Many do make-up even in those cases, when I go to practice, completely oblivious to the fact that it reduces the effectiveness of sports and exercise.

The results of the survey have installed, what is the purpose of women doing makeup. The majority of respondents replied that makeup during sports, they need to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Meanwhile, scientifically proven, that way they only harm your skin, as in this case, the results from the performed exercises reduced, thereby reducing the amount burned during this workout calories.

In addition, you must remember that cosmetics can clog skin pores, and when serious physical exertion makeup can just "run". In this case, will not help even air conditioning, and because of this damp facial skin may be covered with rashes and irritations.

More than half of the interviewed women said that they never use cosmetic products for the face before going to the gym. However, 26 percent of the fair sex necessarily perform the necessary procedures for applying make-up before workouts. One percent of women practice this is very rare. And 8 percent responded that put make-up depending on the situation.

38 percent of women admitted use makeup always, and believe that the application of eye shadow and blush are insufficient. 29 percent of respondents reported that makeup enhances their self-esteem, in 15 cases out of 100 women put it to hide skin problems, and 11 percent want to increase the attention from the male sex.

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In addition, 31 percent of women who participated in the survey said that they attend the gym once a week, 22 percent said they do it once a month, and 18 percent of respondents ladies do not go to the gym at all.

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