Women's love lives five years, the study showed

Family life between a man and a woman can continue indefinitely, however, five years after the start it will be replaced by smo quality. According to the data obtained Belgian scientists, five years later, much has changed in the heart of a woman. If a partner does not provide adequate support, almost inevitably the relationship comes to an end.

In total, the study involved 200 women who were at that time married a long time. Most of the volunteers told the scientists that the first five years of marriage were the most cloudless. But then a lot has changed: the men began to lose interest in him, given enough time. First, the chill in relations has led to quarrels, then to rupture.

The survey showed that approximately 80% of women five years after the start of the relationship is ready to change partner. Only 20% remain loyal to their chosen destiny.

With all this, scientists recommend that men not to despair, but to contribute to the development of the family. After the wedding and started their life together is just beginning. Simple rules: spend more time together, move towards the desires of the second half. Sometimes this is enough to save the family.

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