Women's health, constantly wearing shoes with high heels, threatened

Legs women exposed to additional risks. Proven fact: the weight of the entire foot falls on the small arch of the foot, which is a factor causing arthritis and a variety of deformity (clawed fingers, the formation of "cones" on the fingers).

Orthopaedic hospital, using a special scanner, investigated variances, developing when wearing heels. This scanner for 60 seconds makes circular a screenshot of the entire foot, with further analysis, diagnosis, installation extent caused by wearing heels damage.

The data are as follows: damage on average was higher than expected. High heel squeezes the fingers, and impairing blood flow in them. In addition, disturbed the position of the arch of the foot. The main load is transferred from the vertical (strong) set to horizontal, which is located parallel to the attaching finger and capable of withstanding smaller loads without deformation. In the end, the fingers are compressed and bending.

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Tips orthopedists unchanged. It is recommended to wear shoes with heels no more than two hours a day. Systematic wearing such shoes will lead to certain problems with your feet in the future. A recent survey has confirmed this fact: more than half of women at least once, but was faced with severe pain due to uncomfortable shoes.

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