Women's health after 45 years - important factors

The average age of this age boundary between 45-65 years of life. In this period of time as never woman should follow a proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and to pay attention to the signals sent by the body. In this time period is menopause, a woman's body is rebuilt, and hormonal changes occur. Therefore, it will be necessary first of all to pay attention to good nutrition. Women's health after 45 years depends on many factors, the main of them is the food. What to include in the diet of middle-aged women?

- calcium. Any products containing calcium will be very useful. Cheese, cheese and milk, as well as vitamins containing calcium will help your musculoskeletal system to continue its work.

- vitamin D. Fish, cereals and of course the sun's rays will saturate your body with essential vitamin. Everything in moderation to stay cool in the sun is also not recommended.

- magnesium. Mainly found in fruits and vegetables. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Just fine if some will not purchase, and grown on your bed and in your garden.

These three vitamin is especially important to replenish the middle aged woman for good health.

After 45 a woman may experience severe emotional stress. Usually by this age, her children had grown up and left home, the husband may be very busy at work and a woman can focus on negative feelings. And then there's the new discomfort associated with menopause. What to do? In the first place by focusing only on the negative, you risk being left all alone, on the contrary let your loved ones help you. Tell your husband that you are experiencing, please visit together a gynecologist, who will be able to explain to you and your husband, what is happening to you, and what emotions you are experiencing. Engage in active sports. Nothing raises the spirits like 1-2 hours of exercise in the fresh air. Recently published an article in which all middle-aged women were encouraged to make a day for at least 6,000 steps. In this message, Brazilian scientists have noticed that women who actively moving, avoided the risk of developing diabetes, had less prone to obesity, and reducing the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome. Of course, there is no need to consider each step. But the message is clear. Physically active lifestyle helps to overcome the physiological and hormonal changes of the body and to maintain optimism and good mood.

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