Womens handbag - the source of stress

Examining the case of theft womens handbags, perfect 34-year-old former drug addict Kamran Latif, a British judge Zoe Smith stressed that this women's accessory essential ladies for a sense of security. According to The Daily Telegraph, a British court ruled that the content of the handbags can not simply valuable and urgently needed, that's why stealing this accessory is more dangerous crime than it might seem at first glance.

Answering careless remark lawyer Latif that the activities of his client caused the victim only "inconvenience" judge Smith confidently stated that men just can't understand the value of this feminine accessory. Having lost handbag, she feels insecure, she loses the opportunity to safely return home, indignantly says Zoe Smith.

These words of the judge confirmed by the testimony of the victim; and Hannah Williams. The woman explained that the theft of her purse, brought her not only excitement, but also problems. For example, the woman had to continue to pay a phone contract, although the device was stolen.

Just Latif made 38 thefts, and 2 cases were registered on the day when the man was released on bail. The conviction of the thief will be announced on the 14th of December, however, judge Smith allowed the defendant to remain under the guarantee. The judge said that Latif should stop stealing, using drugs, and he must get a job to pay monetary compensation to the victims of their criminal activities.

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