Women with tattoos are considered more attractive and affordable

According to scientists from France, put on a woman's body tattoo makes it in the eyes of men more accessible and increases their chances of sleeping with her on the first date. However, women with tattoos are considered by men as more attractive. This conclusion scientists have come after you spent on the beaches of Brittany survey. From a group of women, the number of which amounted to 58 people, 11 students were selected as the most attractive. Selected girls visited the beach 20 times, 10 times, they were made temporary tattoo on the back, and 10 times they visited the beach without the tattoo.

In those cases, when they were made tattoo, girls were more popular among men and they often made explicit suggestions to have sex. The second part of the study was that the experts surveyed more than 400 young men aged 20 years. They visited the beach at the same time with study participants. Men were asked 2 questions: will agree ladies to go on a date with them, and how they perceive their chances to have sex with them after the first meeting.

In addition, men were asked to rate the attractiveness of girls. As shown by the survey results, women with tattoos were considered more attractive, and men thought that they will agree on a date with them and deal with them with love after the first meeting.

Meanwhile, the results of the study cannot be called complete, as it is not very clear, what guided the young men at the giving of such responses: on stereotypes about the availability of women with tattoos or on their own experience. Furthermore, the role played by the location of the tattoo and its type.

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