Women will pay for each eaten GMO banana

Researchers from the University of Iowa are going to put all the points about the danger of eating GMO foods. For the last experiment, they recruited volunteers-women and offered them $ 900 to eat nine bananas, enriched genetic method vitamin A.

To developed the fruits could pass the safety test, they should test. 12 women volunteered to experience the miracle of science. The population of many countries is suffering from lack of vitamin A in food. Modified bananas could solve this issue once and for all.

For the experiment, women will need to eat nine bananas for three days. Three of the nine banana was genetically modified, the rest is normal. Opponents of GMOs have already managed to raise the buzz around the study. They have collected 50,000 signatures to stop experiment. Many opponents of genetic intervention believe that the volunteers were not informed about all possible consequences of consuming such products.

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