Women who have unstable jobs, rarely give birth to 35 years old

Scientists have found that the type of work may affect the likelihood to conceive a child at the optimal age. You know, the body is constantly accumulates mutations. This factor is crucial in the process of conception. That is why doctors advise to conceive their first child before the age of 35 years. Recent research suggests that the unstable operation delays the process of conception of the first child. This information was obtained during the study of Australian scientists and published in Human Reproduction.

Scholars interested in the relationship between type of work and the period of life when a woman is ready to conceive. The study involved more than 600 women from 32 to 35 years, who were asked about their last jobs.

The data obtained confirmed the theory. Indeed, part-time employment is associated with the pulling of the child's conception. And with each year spent on such work, the risk was increased. In the first year the indicator has been above eight percent, turn three years - 23%, in five to 35%. It should be noted that the data obtained did not depend on social factors or the level of women's education.

Another interesting fact that the average age at which Russian women give birth to their first child is 25 years. Scientists report that the average age is steadily increasing every year.

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