Women suffering from endometriosis, attract men

Women suffering from the most severe form of endometriosis, the most attractive to men. This strange fact revealed in surveys of Italian scientists.

Subjects male were to identify the most sexy and attractive women from among the patients with mild and severe disease, as well as from healthy candidates. In experiment took part 300 women aged 30 years. 100 of them were diagnosed with endometriosis mild, 100 participants with severe endometriosis, and 100 women without the disease. Surprisingly, men have named the most attractive 31% of ladies with severe endometriosis. This simply attractive admitted 8% of candidates with a mild form of the disease, and 9% of healthy women.

According to Italian scientists from the University of Milan there is a common phenotype generated by the disease. Then, based on this opinion, women are prone to disease, are more attractive and feminine shapes, especially the lower body. It is already known that high levels of estrogen also contributes to female attractiveness. This same hormone, apparently, is connected with the development of aggressive forms of disease lovely ladies. So, when the disease endometriosis, those cells that have the custom to line the uterus are redirected to other organs. Men rated the attractiveness of participants on a 5-point system. Women are also measured body mass index, the ratio of waist to hips and breast volume to the volume of space under the breast.

The results showed that women with severe endometriosis weighed less and had large Breasts compared to other study participants.

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