Women suffer from chronic pain due to deep puffs

Women who had a deep drag on the cigarette, more likely to suffer from musculoskeletal pain. Researchers from the University of Kentucky surveyed more than 6,000 women about their habits in Smoking and pain that they experience.

The results of the survey showed that women smokers in the report indicated that experience at least one chronic pain syndrome. Study author David Mannino noted that this study shows a close relationship between Smoking and chronic pain in women.

Mannino describes a sharp pain as a defensive reaction. Probably, often Smoking women such acute pain becomes chronic, as nicotine interferes with the normal functioning of the protective mechanism.

A chance to begin to experience chronic pain from former smokers remain at 20 percent, sometimes smokers at 68 percent, while those who smoke daily. Will experience pain in one hundred percent of the time. In addition, chronic pain increases with age and obesity.

Chronic pain, you can try to avoid quitting and after the course of treatment of pain, coupled with the cleansing of the body.

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