Women spend in makeup more than half life

Studies show that women most of his life spent in the makeup. Some almost forget about its natural beauty. Statistics says the average woman spends with the cosmetics on the face 13 hours per day, and the rest of the time, the skin takes a break from makeup.

The researchers studied two thousand women. They tried to find out how much time the woman pays its beauty, the average number of cosmetic procedures, the communication condition of the skin and the frequency of use of cosmetic products.

20% of women said they would not open the door if they are not painted. Every tenth woman said that she feels more confident with makeup. Almost half of the respondents occasionally falls asleep with makeup on her face. Beauticians agree that such nights are not harmful for skin.

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Often women use concealer, mascara and eyeshadow. The average cost of cosmetic bags - $ 200, it includes 13 items.

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