Women refuse to career because of men - scientists

Researchers conducted a survey of 25 thousand men and women who graduated from Harvard business school. This institution is famous for its high quality education. Many after graduating from Harvard school become successful businessmen. Were women graduates of educational institutions rarely reached the desired position, writes The Hindustan Post.

11% of women aged 30-70 years, he quit his job for the sake of the child. The majority of graduates are women worked 52 hours per week (at a rate of 40 hours). More than half of the men who graduated from Harvard business school, expected that will earn more than his partner. The same thought had only 7% of women.

Many women hoped for a later start, believed that it would be able to catch up with their husbands at a later age. 40% of women in the survey admitted that their career is going slower than their spouses. However, only 20% of them were planning to move his career in favor of a happy family life.

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