Women prefer the natural beauty plastic surgery

Researchers from the company Allergan has conducted a survey and found: the modern standards of female beauty in the eyes of women has changed. The majority of females prefer not to hide the real age and do not use much makeup. Note, the company Allergan is engaged in the manufacture of Botox.

Only the survey polled 2,000 women. They were shown three pictures of one woman aged 50 years. In the first photo, the researchers used light retouching, corresponding to the application of a small amount of makeup. In the second case, removed all the wrinkles and age-related changes of the skin. The third picture was without any changes.

The majority of women as the ideal chose the first option with a slightly disguised wrinkles and folds. Retouching as "combat" makeup destroys the uniqueness and feminine image.

Scientists believe that the fashion for artificial beauty ended. Now women seek natural beauty and prefer to keep it natural means. Note that the number of plastic surgeries from year to year is not reduced.

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